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Soy wax is a completely natural and renewable candle wax, a type of vegetable oil made from soybeans. The soybeans are crushed, and then the extracted oil is hydrogenated (by passing a solution of hydrogen through it), which changes the melting point and composition so that it solidifies at room temperature.

The soybeans produced to make the wax used in Piper & Grace candles are sourced from non-Genetically Modified soy. This may not seem important because we are not consuming the wax, but due to ethical considerations we have opted to do this.

We believe soy wax makes a superior candle in many ways.

  • It releases fragrance naturally and for longer.
  • Soy wax candles last 25-50% longer than paraffin candles, making them more economical.
  • It is made from an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.
  • It is water-soluble. You can wash out your jars with hot soapy water, which means recycled jars can be reused.
  • It is biodegradable.

Piper & Grace soy wax candles are made using lead-free, 100% cotton wicks.

Each signature Piper & Grace fragrance is a unique mixture. Some may be all natural oils, some may be all aroma compounds, and most will be a blending of the two, depending on the fragrance desired.

Essential oils can vary hugely in cost, odour, and quality from season to season because of environmental factors in the country of origin, availability, and demand on the world market. There is no common ‘base’ for all fragrances.

We choose the materials based on what makes the fragrances smell like we want them to, as well as how it will perform in your candle.

When a candle scent ‘throws well’, it means it fills the room with a strong, lasting scent. Soy wax candles not only have a great scent throw, but also have a cleaner smell. This is because soy wax is clean burning and the fragrance comes from the melted wax pool rather than the wick alone.

Triple-scented candles have three times more fragrance in them than a ‘normal’ scented candle. In many cases it’s a marketing term rather than a candle-making reality.

Here’s where the science of candle making comes into play. Soy wax candles are only able to hold a certain percentage of fragrance oil for the volume of wax used. In many cases, more than 10% is considered ‘saturated’, meaning there is too much fragrance in the wax. Too much fragrance affects burn performance and present other problems, for example when the oil seeps out of the wax and beads on top of the candle there are safety issues related to the flash point of that oil.

At Piper & Grace, we do not triple-scent our candles: you simply cannot add 30% fragrance oil to the soy wax! Instead, the combination of high quality fragrance oils and the natural ability of soy wax to transmit fragrance will ensure a great scent throw when the candle is burning, and even when it is not.


If your wick is long it will produce a large flame, which means your candle will burn too quickly. For safety reasons, the wick should be kept at less than 5mm. Trimming also prevents your wick from curling back into the wax, which is a common issue with softer cotton wicks. Trimming prevents a mushroom (stub head) forming on your wick.

Make sure you do not leave wick debris in the wax when you trim. A wick trimmer is a fantastic tool for this, as it will catch the wick as it is trimmed.

When a candle burns down the middle leaving lots of wax stuck to the side of the jar, it is commonly referred to as tunnelling. You can prevent this by making sure that when you burn your candle you melt the wax all the way to the edge of the jar.

Piper & Grace candles have been extensively tested for burn quality, so as long as your first burn causes the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the glass, and you continue to burn to the edge of the glass each time, you will not experience these issues.

Soy wax has a tendency pull away from some types of glass. This is normal and often depends on temperature. It may be caused by the difference in room and jar temperature, or temperature fluctuations. It will not affect how your candle burns.

Frosting, sometimes known as blooming, is when the soy wax crystallises, leaving white chalky marks on the top of the candle. Sunlight and dramatic changes in temperature will accelerate crystallisation, though because it is a natural characteristic of soy, frosting will develop over time anyway. It does not in any way affect the burning or the quality of the candle.


Your wick may be too long or the candle may be in a draughty area where it is being fanned. Be careful where you position the candle. Keep it out of traffic areas, away from air conditioners or open windows. Too much oxygen will cause it to burn higher and faster than desired.

Never leave a candle burning if you think something is wrong with it. Blow it out immediately, and don’t move it until the flame is completely out. If the flame is big, the jar may be hotter than normal.

Your wick may be too large or there are remnants of wick in the wax. Soy wax does not smoke but cotton, which is what our wicks are made of, can. Make sure you trim the wick down to less than 5mm and safely remove any debris in the wax.

We recommend using a candle dipper to dip the wick into the melted wax, pinching it out or using a candle snuffer to gently extinguish the flame. You may, of course, blow out the candle, however it will make the wick smoke for a while. (This is the only time you should see a soy candle smoking.) Never put the candle out by placing the lid on the jar.

Our tealight cups are made of 100% flame retardant polycarbonate plastic. They are sturdier than cheap aluminium cups and they look nicer when burning, very similar to glass.


Soy wax will wash out easily with hot soapy water, but DO NOT pour wax down the drain because it will solidify in the pipes and clog your sink. We recommend washing the jars in a tub. When the wax solidifies, drain the water and throw the wax on the garden—it’s biodegradable.

Once clean, you can re-use your Piper & Grace jars for a variety of household items such as in the bathroom, kitchen, study—you name it!


Our tealights are unscented for use in oil burners where customers use their own essential oils or wax melts. As all our products are handmade, we can make other unscented candles by request.

Yes, we offer wholesale rates for retail customers. If you’re interested in becoming a retailer please contact us by email info@piperandgrace.com.au and we will reply with our pricing information and terms.


    Born in 2013 in the kitchen of my home, it grew out my love of creating, hand pouring and sharing my candles among family and friends.

    What was once a love of candles and experimentation with soy wax and fragrances in my spare time has now become Piper & Grace.

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